I don't even know

Date: 7/22/2017

By krea✊🏽

The first part of my dream was about this show that was like Maury and they were rapping back and forth and shit. I don't even know. Then the dream cuts to me and my friend in a car and she was driving. She drives kinda fast in real life. In the dream we were in this old ass car chillin and her boyfriend I guess gets in the car and there's these business guys playing basketball. Dude was chasing a ball into the street and then he got hit and there was blood and guts everywhere so we decided to leave. She starts driving and then she runs over this girls arm and then my dream cut to my family livin in the hood. Mymomma was doing my hair and we had the door open. There was these four big rough lookin guys that were strapped and then one started hitting the oldest guy. The old one that was getting hit pulled out a glock and cocked it and then they jumped him and pistol whipped him. Then the youngest one turns around and my dad was standing in front of me and my mom. So he was like oh so you saw that and him and the other goons grabbed these shocky things and started shocking my dad. Then my dad punches the young guy and then dude yells " Fuck you man" then jumps out the window to his death. They started going after my dad so he ran and then asked one of their friends to take care of it. So what he does is he chains two of the remaining guys up in my house, while I'm still getting my hair done, and skins the first one and cuts a piece of his head off. My mom tells me not to look but I look anyways and he puts a serpent and a cockroach in the guys head and sews it back together. Then the other dude I forgot what he did because I woke up.