All my friends are dead

Date: 7/25/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I'm somewhere dark, not sure if I'm inside or outside. Someone is screaming. I go to investigate and find a guy tied to a post with ropes. Small flames are licking at the bottom of it. I run over to try and help, but the guy is delirious. I tell him I'm going to get him out of there. My hands reach for the ropes but I can't get them to loosen. Some unseen force drives three blades into his chest simultaneously. I can't see the blades, but I can see the blood that starts to appear. He is screaming so loud, it's deafening. He's choking on blood, and his body convulses a little bit, then he slumps over, dead. Now I'm in a room, it's full of bunks. It's some sort of women's prison, but they're also training us for something. There's a woman shouting at us like a drill sergeant, explaining how things work around here. Apparently everyone here is a lesbian, and several chicks try to make out in the back. Drill sergeant chick gets hella mad at this and punishes them. We all get sent off to do different tasks and whatnot. I must be in this place for quite some time, as eventually it's a few years later. My group of initiates are now the ones that have been there nearly the longest, and we're actually on pretty good terms with the drill sergeant. It's time for her to train someone as her successor, and she chooses a girl from my group, Cady from The Magicians. Cady is hesitant at first, but with some encouragement finds her voice and orders the other girls around very authoritatively. At the end of the day we all gather around to have a meeting, talk about how things went and our feelings and everything. The old drill sergeant has become like a counselor or therapist to us all now. Drill sergeant mentions something about this older woman who had been there as long as I had, having an "owlish face". She hadn't meant it to be rude, and the other woman really did look like an owl. She had a very tiny nose, and it hooked downward very sharply, and looked a lot like a beak. The owl woman got really offended, and the drill sergeant tried to explain she didn't mean it in a bad way. I ponder how calling someone an owl could be considered a good thing. Then I'm in a living room of a friend's apartment. I'm in pajamas eating I think popcorn, and watching tv. I get a message on my phone, it's a group text between a whole bunch of people. I learn that my friend Kari from elementary school has died. I don't remember how it happened but I remember it being something really gruesome. I'm reminded of the guy getting stabbed and I become very somber. I just want to curl up and cry. The group message is going nuts, because there's like 100 people in it, so I turn off my phone. After a few hours I finally decide I can turn it back on. Everyone in the group chat is talking about video games now. Someone I know cracks a joke about them blowing up his phone, saying it better be good. Then a few minutes later he apologizes, saying he just now read to the beginning and saw what it was for. I get a call from one of my best friends, Brett. He's trying to sound happy, but I can tell there's something in his voice. He tells me he's dying soon and wants to go on one last adventure with me before he does. I can't quite tell if he's joking or not, because he keeps laughing, but I know from the sound of his voice that it's serious. I'm already crying, and I sprint out of the apartment in my pajamas. He said he was in the parking lot, so I search for his giant truck (he actually drives a very small sports car irl). I yell at him for not telling me sooner, he was sick so he would've known for a long time. But I'm just so sad that he's dying, I can't really be mad at him for long. He doesn't look very good, and his skin has a rather gray cast to it. I can't bear the thought of this being the last time I see him, not after I just watched the guy get stabbed and learned of my friend from elementary school dying. Somewhere during our day, where we mostly just walk around the city, he gets very sick, coughing up blood and stuff. He's very weak, and lays down on the pavement. I'm sobbing, saying it can't just end like this. He tells me it's okay, that he's glad I'm there with him. I just don't want him to die. I'm crying as he takes his last breath. Now I'm at this old mansion in a forest, but I know it to be a girls boarding school of sorts. I'm too old for this place, that otherwise has just middle school/high school girls, but I guess I look young enough to pass. I'm sitting out the balcony of the top floor, except that the house is built right into a hill, so I could walk all the way down grass to the bottom level if I wanted. A girl is with me, and she keeps telling me all about the baby kittens here. Apparently there are a lot of cats. I just want to forget the sadness of watching all these friends die. Some other girls run by, and then when I look down I see a baby black and white kitten, it's eyes not even open, bobbling along on its weak legs. I pick it up, trying to calm it down. The other girl has a huge, fluffy momma cat that's practically as big as she is. We take them through the house to the front porch. Out in the yard, there's a commotion going on. A few of the girls have gotten into trouble, and are being sent to a different boarding house that is for delinquents. The girl is the one from Anne of Green Gables--the one with glasses who really loves Anne as a teacher--and she can't bear the thought of being sent away. I try to tell her it will be okay. Time passes, and now for whatever reason, I'm being sent to this other school too, along with a few others. I'm not too worried, I'm still like 10 years older than all these other girls anyway. Not like anyone is going to beat me up for my lunch money. When we get there, it's been a few months since the first girl had been sent there, and she's about to be released, to go back home. She's very excited. We all decide to get a tshirt for her and sign it. I of course want to be super extra, so I say I'm going to draw her something too, not just sign it. I ask someone what her favorite animal is, and they say it's a bunny. I decide to draw a samurai bunny. It was absolutely hideous. I couldn't draw to save my life and I totally ruined the shirt.