The Dark Eyes

Date: 2/7/2017

By amdaltrail

A man threatened by some government agency decides to inject himself with an experimental drug. You watch as his iris changes from light green to dark blue, almost black. What he doesn't know is that all over the country, the agency is running a mass experiment with the drug on many people. As people watch a sporting event on television, the screens are over taken with pictures of eyes turning dark. No one knows that hell is breaking loose. In the labs scattered across the nation, they awaken. Bodies twisted by the drug, eyes darkened by whatever horror lurks behind them, and a thirst for revenge drives them. As one hunts a scientist, she says, "Where do you think you will hide? They couldn't. I don't need a flashlight, unlike the girl who found me. She had no survival skills, just like you." The scientist scrambles to find an escape, but as he launches himself out of a window, the ground below is riddled with the dead.