The Other Reality of Rejection (the bizarre, dark, and twisted yet reasonable one)

Date: 4/27/2017

By Fitful

I was male this whole dream. I was kidnapped from the real world through my toilet, the whole bathroom was transported to a strange plane of existence. This odd family found me, I thought they kidnapped me. I wasn't far wrong, they decided to build their house around my bathroom. It became this large dark castle type mansion thing. The family was odd. Not adorable like the Adams family but genuinely bizarre and freaky and scary in the pure sense of those words. They kept debating weather or not to kill me, or enslave me. I was very angry. They were very suspicious. But they did start to come around, eventually we all started to warm up to each other. There was a massive tornado and they found me tied up with white cloth round my hands and ankles. I'd been kidnapped for real then, they took me home. Another time there was a huge explosion. It seemed this land was treacherous and everything outside the house was suspect. This time the explosion did huge amounts of damage and a girl member of the family was hurt. A couple females actually. I used paramedic knowledge to help her, mostly it was how they speak and using their voice to keep the patient calm and soothed. The brother was very pleased with how I handled the crisis and impressed with my knowledge of paramedics. Things got much better after than in regards to family affairs. I was accepted into the family. They were really an odd bunch. Their morals and loyalties were the strangest, they clung to the most random of things to be loyal to, like a brand in the real world which didn't really have any significance but they treated it like holy idea. The land didn't like I was human living with them. Finally after much debate, and attacking, they bribed the family to get rid of me. They family took the bribe it was that type of word. This dark, cutthroat, betray your best friend one day, defend them the next type world. I was infuriated they were throwing me away. They took me back to the real world in my bathroom and chained me there with a normal brown rope so I couldn't come back, like I was a dog. I was so upset. After they left I cut up the robe into pieces and the bathroom was now more a house than anything. Time passed and I got a job in a convenience store as a knight. I was literally dressed up as a knight in the shiny armor and helm, and i had a sword. I would just rage and slash it everywhere, the customers didn't seem to notice. I began this non relationship with a girl, Catherine. I would write her daily, but I never used emotion words. I would literally erase anything I wrote which sounded emotional or affectionate. The family had abandoned me and now I was never going to feel again. I was so angry. A few monster from the other reality plane came through, not of the family. They decided to torture me get back at me for something or make sure my life wasn't happy. It wast mean to keep me in my place. They went to Catherine's office to find out more about her, they interrogated a coworker of hers, asking who was interested in her(romantically). They used this interesting power to see into people and control them, it was like a beam of invisible energy shot out their mouths. They directed it at people and the people just did what they said. The coworker they cornered said this macho guy was interested in her, he had a Spanish name I can't recall, like a bull fighters name. They cast spell that the guy would fuck me in the ass. For some reason they were very certain this was something humans wouldn't like, and she wouln't like the cheating aspect either and thus it would ruin my life. I was a little alarmed by the spell, but almost dismissive. I have overheard everything, I had been there somehow watching the whole thing. I went home and a few friends of mine tried to be helpful. My friends were Timone and Pumba from The Lion King and Trixie from Toy Story 3. And there was a turtle and a few others. One was very reluctant to go on a quest with us, she was upset she hadn't been in the original movie. I think I was Simba for a while. We ended up running into a huge crater domed and like a sanctuary for dinosaurs. It was full of jungle foliage like it would have been back then, the world inside this dome was green. We stumbled off the cliff into it and we were very stunned by the place and to see the dinosaurs. Trixie was very excited.