Stuck in a Spa

Date: 7/8/2017

By SeeksInferno

This dream was pretty weird. I was given coupons to a spa as a gift for graduating, that seemingly many others in my class had gotten. So many of us went to the spa together. It was basically a large room with this big machine that made it steamy and individual beds that you could lay on. We had half an hour to do whatever we wanted and once our time was up, we met the owner of the spa. The owner of the spa looked like Long Fang from ATLA so that should have been my first clue that he would try to screw us over, but he had a soft/gentle voice so none of us knew. He asked, "Would you all like some more time? It's on the house!" And everyone responded with an enthusiastic "Yes!" So he left and closed the door. About 5 minutes after, once everyone was enjoying the steam again, everything went dark. As if the power to the place was cut. So I tried to open the door, and when I did, it didn't open to the hallway like it should but it opened up to this empty world with a massive thunderstorm and a tornado brewing over an orange sky. So I knew we had been taken into another world. I went back inside and shut the door and everyone was kinda panicking. I started climbing the walls on the inside of the room and when I got to the ceiling, I broke through the ceiling tile to see if I could escape that way. All I could see when I broke through the ceiling was a black empty space with an error message in big letters that I can't remember. That's when I woke up.