Chain Dream

Date: 4/11/2019

By jroseb98

The dream started where I was at my high school, and I was wearing a prom dress. I was with a whole group of girls and guys who were dressed for a prom. We were waiting off stage at a musical performance. There was a dance number going on while we waited. I was just minding my own business, watching the performance when I caught the group of guys looking my way. They kept glancing over my direction when finally one of the guys walked over to me. This guy for some reason looked like a young Usher. I thought he was approaching one of the other girls in front of me. But then, he stops in front of me and grabs my hand to dance to the musical performance. My reaction was to say “wtf”. So, we’re dancing when all of a sudden we’re not on the stage wing anymore; we’re at a house party. He then brings me to his bedroom, which is weirdly like a one room apartment. We both sit down at a table and talk. Then, we start dancing again, and this time, we’re grinding. I start feeling him get a hard on. We dance for a whole song, and then, someone comes into the room, interrupting us. Young Usher leaves the room with the interrupter. I sit back down, wondering what is happening. Then, the room changes, and I’m sitting at a desk in a dark office. I’m looking out the window, and it’s nighttime. I see a shadow of a person walk past the window outside. For some reason, I feel in danger. The person is about to break into the office, and my solution for hiding is to turn into an object, like I’m in Prop Hunt. My solution fails me, and the intruder comes into the room and gets pissed at me. I throw a book at him and run away. Then, I’m back alone in the bedroom of young Usher. But the room is in my house. This random grandma is there, and I get a vision of a man almost beating the grandma to death. He’s so pissed and carries the grandma to the car in my driveway. Then, I’m back to normal and go outside to the driveway, and the car in the vision is there. I check inside for the grandma, but she’s not there. Then, my brother pulls up in his car, and when he gets out, he has two swollen black eyes. I don’t know what’s going on. I tell him that Grandma is gone and I don’t know what I did to her. Now, I’m feeling like the vision was real, but instead, it was me, who blacked out and hurt the grandma. I walk down the driveway to the street, and the neighbors are outside in their car. I ask them if they’ve seen an old lady anywhere. They don’t know and drive away. Then, my cousin drives up in her car, and I get in the passenger’s side. We drive off, and there’s a random guy in the back seat that pops out of nowhere, who tries to attack us. I somehow subdue him and take his gun. I yell at him and say we have to find the grandma. He relaxes and cooperates. We’re driving down the street, almost to the main road. My cousin is slowing down her driving, and I’m yelling at her to keep going and to stop slowing down. We get to the intersection to turn onto the street towards the main road and come to a stop. I’m confused because the streets are different, and I don’t know which way to go. Then, I wake up.