Date: 8/23/2019

By Ryleedreams

My family was at an amusement park. Most of it was indoors in rooms that were lit like a 90s arcade. My family and I walked around from ride to ride enjoying our time. After we all met up for a snack, my brother and I went off to find an infamously scary and intense indoor rollercoaster. We wandered around until we found a door that my brother was convinced led to the ride. Before he went in I spotted a sign from across the room we were in that said the ride we were looking for was closed down. Before I could turn to tell him, he had already ran into the other room (something a bit out of character for my brother but whatever). I followed him and it led us to a large dark room only lit by a few ground lights, dim floodlights and a crack towards the ceiling on thw far wall. There was also part of a rollercoaster that ran onto the next room over. I didn't see my brother at first and quietly called out for him. Finally I heard his voice from the other side of the room exclaiming how cool it was. I told him we should go before we get caught but he insisted enough that I agreed to look around some first. I figured there wouldn't be working cameras in there since it was decommissioned and we weren't to far from the exit plus the other room in case someone walks in. We explored the rollercoaster and the rooms it led into until we heard the coaster turn on and jumped when a few more flood lights turned on, it was still dim but brighter than before. We immediately started running looking for a door but we couldn't find one and the one we came through was now locked. I suggested trying to jump on the cart when it came by because it would have to lead out. He said it'd be going to fast but I explained if we catch it at an incline it will slow down enough to climb in. We found a ladder leading to an incline and quickly climbed it as we heard the cart coming. We braced ourselves and hopped in as ut passed. My brother and I then screamed as it picked up speed. Then we realized that there was no way to put on the harness so I told him to hold on tight and we wrapped our armed around the bar in front of us. After speeding along inside we raced toward an opening in the wall leading outside. It was to bright to make anything out and we had to close our eyes as we approached it. Right as I felt the atmosphere change, I woke up.