Scooby Doo and TWD

Date: 3/31/2017

By Smidge_Midge

So I got a new scooby doo game for my ps2 and So I put it in and started to watch the open cut scene. It looked like a normal scooby game at first but it changed to twd dead and I was Rick. I was inside the game and it wasn't really a game anymore. We were in a house and my mouth is all bloody and I'm hurt and tell people to get out because there was a walker. We leave the house and then I start running down the street and the street looked like my grandmas neighborhood. I kept running because this lady was chasing me saying she could fix me. What she really wanted to do was cut my legs off. I ran to this house and hid on the porch. She ran past but not far enough and I looked up and she found me. I jumped through a window and ran through the house and found a door. I ran out and she started chasing me. I ran back in the house and locked the door. There was a sliding glass door and I locked that too. She looked in and saw the window I climbed through and went to climb in. I waited until she was mostly in then ran out of the house. It cut to this really dark castle and negan was there and so was the lady chasing me. It turned out she was working for him. Then everything went back to the scooby game and that whole thing was the open cut scene. I got up and went to go get something to drink after saying it was a long scene. I then concluded that I had fallen asleep and I dreamt the whole walking dead part. A dream within a dream woooooo