Ice fishing with his friends

Date: 7/7/2017

By pudgykiki

I just had a dream that i was at this really big mansion that was supposedly my boyfriend's house and my boyfriend was outside and for some reason the whole backyard was full of tents and my boyfriend and his friends were somehow ice fishing in these tents. And I went out on the deck and I yelled for him and he came out of the tent but he ignored me and went back in with his friends. And a bunch of other girls were there and a bunch of guys who i didnt know. And then the dream skipped over and suddenly we were getting chinese food and the girl who worked there was nice and i liked her and there was a fat guy in line with us and for some reason he gave me and nathan a ride home and then nathan tried to have sex with me in this guys van. And there was also an asian girl in the van with us. So he brought us back home and nathan went back into the giant tents with his friends.