Stalker dad twisted my family friends neck

Date: 6/5/2019

By levinelover

I was on FaceTime with Matt and wanted to go to Sandy’s house, so I told Matt I was going to Richmond hill to see a friend and went to go see her. When I was at her house with one other female friend we were hanging out and there was a really familiar backyard that looked like had the same swings mine had, and it was a lot bigger and sunnier than mine with more furniture. I was sitting on the floor of the house talked to my girlfriends when I see greg (my ex-dad) walk in through the door... I freak out and hide behind my friends and I tell them not to freak out but my dangerous ex-dad somehow found me and broke in. I peeked behind then to see him and his eyes were locked on me. He went upstairs for some reason and I followed him and screamed “I’m gonna get a restraining order! Fuck you!” He looked shocked that I’d say something like that, and you could see from his face he was angry and didn’t consider himself to be dangerous. I told him over and over “you’re a stalker” “you’re a fucking creepy stalker” “I’m gonna get a restraining order” “you’re a dangerous stalker”. I screamed at him, saying I never wanted to see him again. He left and ran into the backyard. I tried to follow him and for some reason I was in a backyard that also had garden swings but it looked slightly different, then I realized I was in the neighbours backyard, and my friends was diagonal from it, so I made my way to my friends yard. I got back and didn’t see greg anywhere. I started to get a FaceTime call and I answered it, and it was Matt my family friend and his head looked upsidown for some reason. Then I saw my ex dad and his mom were with him, my ex dad was filming and his mom was twisting his head around in circles over and over and his neck was sooo thin! Matt started to laugh cause he couldn’t believe what was happening. Looking at his neck I knew he’d be dead in minutes, and I called the police, but I didn’t know the exact number of his house only his street name, I called them anyways. I knew there was nothing I could say to his mom or my ex-dad to stop him besides lift my threat of the restraining order which I only wanted more now. I knew he’d be dead in a couple minutes and the police would never make it in time. I accepted that and as they tried to kill him to get me to say what they want, I just tried to picture my life without his existence there anymore and accepted it. I wasn’t about to negotiate with them, sad as it was. Then I woke up :) it was a craaazy dream and I called matt on isreai FaceTime when I woke up. He didn’t pick up, so I went to Sandy’s house in Richmond hill (she doesn’t live there in real life, none of my friends do pretty much). I was in her area when I saw her walking on the other side of the road/sidewalk. I called out her name in an aggressive way to be funny and she got scarred and started to run away. Even better I thought and I started to run after her to freak her out. After a while of running next to the sidewalk through a forest I started to scream in a certain way that I do when I’m exited or happy and hoped she’d recognize it, I did it 2-3 times but she continued running so I started screaming “it’s Sheli” “it’s Sheliii”. Eventually in front of her house she stopped running and I told her hey it’s just me! She said “hearing your voice when you don’t live in this area freaked me out” I was surprised to know she knew it was me and still ran. I told her she was in my scary dream and I wanted to tell her all about it! I also was wearing a pink bikini top and she was wearing a purple one. I brought these plastic thong bikini bottoms with a heart shape that was a part of the set for my bathing suit. I told her it was perfect cause I had one pink and one purple so it would match our bathing suits and we can dress cute. She was down! I was also hungry so I hoped when we hung out she’d give me some food, but I honestly felt I shouldn’t be expecting it and be more responsible than that.