Date: 3/4/2017

By onemanmoshpit16

I've dreamt that I was running. I was wearing my own version of "Attack on Titan" uniform. I was running and jumping through trees and didn't know why. Suddenly a group of people appeared in front of me. I knew that I was trying to escape from them. I tried looking for a "portal" that will help me. I was the only few people that could still find and go through these portals. The people chasing me carried around a special pokeball like thing to try and catch me in it. But I learned that I was a special kind of person. Not only could I see the portals and go through them, I couldn't be sucked into the ball. I also had powers that help and I could climb in trees. I remember jumping through a portal and sliding through it like it was a slide at a park. The portals took us through different times eras and different places. The portals are hidden in public places. Which was strange since you're in the public one moment and the next you're in 1875. I remember the group putting together a special force of people to try and catch me since it was me and another person who were left. The two of us were the last of our kind. The special group of people worked hard to track us down but without them being able to go through portals it was difficult. Or so that's what I thought. They used someone with the same abilities as me in their team. I thought it was game over for me. After some time of running through portals, I finally decided to take a break. I had stopped in a nice country side field. I decided to relax there for a bit and rest. When I woke up from my slumber I heard dogs barking and voices in the distance. I got up and ran and started searching for my next portal. As I was running I smacked into someone. I looked at the person to see who it was and it was my childhood best friend. He was on their side. He wrapped his arms around me and told me it was over. I quickly kicked him till he let me go then I started running again. I find the next portal and jumped through it. It took me too a mall. I went and bought new clothes and went to the hair salon to dye my hair. After my little shopping spree I started to find a new portal. Once I had found one. My old friend and the group found me. I ran again. They were right on my heels. I used everything in me to make it to my portal. They were catching up fast. My friend was basically right next to me. I saw the portal and my friend was getting ready to pounce on me to stop me. After giving it my all I jumped for the portal and then my dream ended. (I hope I could continue this dream at some point. This one is my favorite so far. )