An alternate exciting life.

Date: 8/22/2017

By Fitful

I was stuck in this world where I was living in this Victorian manor type place. I was adopted, found out later twice over. The dream is a bit vague, after waking I can't really recall plot points, but I know I was severely tortured in the first part of it. There was a chase scene with a car and someone stalking us, me and my family. We were sort of superior people, and that legacy had been passed down and almost ignored. Someone came after us, and I was definitely tortured. I ended up saved and in the hospital. But I was well enough to leave the hospital on my own. They gave me my entire wardrobe in a wheeling suitcase. I went through this huge food court which sparkled in the sunshine. They gave me some cash to get some food and a taxi home as well. I kept searching for vegan pizza. At home I found some girl I our house and I was very suspicious of her. They said she was some news story they were covering but I found out it from her about my original birth family, a pride of were lions? She knew how to cook, and she fed my little brother a lot of chocolate and cereal. I had two rooms in the house, I'm not sure why. One was for the old me, and one was for the new me. I was concerned she would see into the old me room and find out too much. There was also a party I went to, where I got really sick on the toilet. And some guy came in, like he was going to attack, but another guy, this time from my pride came in to protect me. Also, my family had a teleporting pad. It was in this sunny nook room near the front door. Or it was the front door. The house was beautiful, it looked quintessentially Victorian but it had a few odd things going on about it.