Sleep deprived and poison painting

Date: 3/6/2017

By bigbigtruck

I'm working on a painting at my parents' house and become very sleepy. It is probably about 3 a.m. I try to go to bed but all of the beds in the house are occupied. I try to sleep on the couch but it is too small... so I get back to work on the painting. I try to set up pillows and blankets so I can fall asleep on the floor, but keep getting interrupted by people asking me to do things. Eventually it is morning and I haven't slept a wink. I start laughing bitterly and making snarky remarks. A lady comes and tells me that I can't give the painting as a gift like I had planned, because it is poisonous. She does not know exactly how but somehow the painting and a lot of my other artwork has been infused with deadly "omegavirus". I asked her if it is the paper, the pigment in the paint, or something else. She says she cannot tell. She takes my drawings to a lab for examination, and a mysterious man shows up and tries to activate the virus by firing off a camera's flash bulb. The lady and the man fight at FTL speed, trying to block the light from reaching the virus.