007 to the End

Date: 8/8/2019

By VicArt

I was James Bonds partner. We finally arrived to the target and had to deliver the package. The vehicle was only one seater. It was time to go out separate ways. James gave me a hug and said "thank you friend" he drove off. The enemy was Hot on his tail and he was surrounded, I needed to help! I drove off and found a Family face Beautiful woman but a wicked aim I picked her up and said "so you can handle a gun?" She smiled and said "yes where we going?" I said to help Bond. James Bond. We hurried passing through the hospital and buildings. Finally arrived! James was surrounded and guns aimed at him. I yelled "shoot now!" She fired taking out 2 henchmen allowing James to escape and go after the Boss. James turn and Nods at me saying "thank you". We walk of into the distance we see something parachuting down towards it's James! He lands right in front of us. He shakes my hand and said "friend" I reply "to The End' a girl he fancy ran to him Saying "James!!!" He grabs her and James and I kisses our Girls till the scene pans out into the sunset. I wake up! Epic!