How were we not caught?

Date: 1/23/2017

By ThatTherianKid

So, my mom, step dad, and I were all in a mall. we had just finished shopping and decided to go eat. This place we went to was apparently famous, although there were litterally only two other tables full, and one of them was nothing but employees on lunch break. After we got done eating, we went out into the parking lot. My friend Dylan and his brother and parents were there, only he and his brother were very young, maybe seven. Their mother and father were very hateful and mean to the boys. When they wanted to leave, they didn't let the boy's get all the toys they brought, they just made them leave. I tried to gather the toys for them, but the mom told me not to. I did anyways. When Dylan tried to help me, his family left without them. We gave him a ride home, putting all of his toys in the trunk. Skip ahead a few years. We go by again, and Dylan and I were the same age again. I took out the toys and he was so happy. He took me in and said that he needed to reward me. He took me into the world's tiniest bedroom. we started making out and he eventually made me take off my pants and panties, spreading my legs. he roughly flicked my clit, making me wet as we continued to make out. we eventually had to stop so we wouldn't be caught. We continued this every once in awhile, but the most we did was me giving him a hand job and him fingering me til I orgasmed.