Kaya, the squad, Jason and the cliffs.

Date: 4/9/2019

By dreakee

Kaya and the squad and I had decided to take a trip to the school. We were at the middle school and I think it was Halloween. All these kids were dressed up as Ladybug and I think Hawkmoth was the principal of the school and when we were walking in the halls, this guy came up to me. He was pretty cute and he asked me if I could wear his jacket and pretend that I was some guy named Jason so that he could avoid this girl on Valentine’s Day. He later took on a fake name of Cole. This guy was actually Cole Sprouse I think or he was Adrien Agreste but I don’t remember because all I do remember is that he was cute. To continue the fake identity, I had to pretend to attend the school and we had to do an activity where we did rock climbing with a partner. The first time we did it alone off of a cliff. I did it alone successfully. When I did it with a partner, something went wrong with the ropes and my partner almost died so my teacher cut the ropes in half like the first time and I was able to save him more easily with this trick I picked up from the first time. I was able to see when I got up that someone was trying to find an intruder at the school. I saw all of my old classmates, including my ex, at least I thought it was him, it was his hair but it was dyed red. I kind of did some lowkey parkour and no one saw me. I jumped out a window and escaped around the school. I saw security go up to one of the teachers and ask them to do a security check by clicking all of the doors and windows they had opened. They didn’t click the one I went through and the whole thing kind of shattered the glass screen. The teacher had suspicion that it was a new teacher that had arrived around the same time I did. They were in the middle of an epic battle and then I woke up.