Epic Win or Die Real life Game(Realllly longg).

Date: 7/29/2017

By saymastein

It all began with a trip to east london mosque.It was really cool , I climbed stairs, and there were alot of passages to visit .I remember looking out through alot of window.It looked nothing like the real east london mosque but it had the sane red brick theme.It looked like a palace. I remember meeting a girl and she showed me around a couple places.Until we went to this bridge type part.I opened the door and It was breathtaking. I was talking to the girl and I remember falling where the bridge was meant to be but It wasnt a bridge it was kind of like a slide.The weird part was, The slide forced me to go into these red slimy thick idk what you call it,idek of it has a name.But yeh every time id hit a new passage way falling through the slide id feed myself into a new one.All of them contained an opening so i could easily get through into a new one but The last one didnt have one.And I fell into a dead end.So i had to Rip my way through until I was just walking on the slide.Thats when i met the girl again.We both went out and finished off until we reached the end.Everything was still red.Although I saw alot of ppl this time. An announcement was made telling everyone that we all had to battle each other until theres only one left.It then flashed to my old neighbourhood, I guess were the event mostly took place.Everyone was standing crouching behind cars,thinking of a plan. It was decided that we were put in teams of 3-4 of ppl who you were standing next too. I was sad coz I wanted to be in bigger team but heyy.We all had different coloured tags symbolising what kind of elemental power we had.There were roughly 4, Blue being water,Red being fire,Yellow being light and Green being earth.I had the green tag which I was more than happy with. It then started, we all could imagine a weapon and it will be there.Alot of ppl chose bow and arrow.At the time I didnt choose any.I just went inside our council estate building, Saw another group in there and ran out.Some boys saw me just outside,they all had the red tags.A line of cars were next to them, a boy gave a smirk at me then began to leap up and blow up all the cars. one after the other.Alot of ppl died from it.I used my power of earth, to make me leap in the air, manipulating the force from the ground to push me up.I had to do it a couple times to make me jump high enough, thats how high the explosions were.Then I remember running for my life until I felt the explosions stop behind me. I remembered a different friend(my neighbour) was stuck in that building which had been blown up aswell.I became so worried but she managed to survive it and walked with a limb.I flew to her and hugged her.It was then when we had to team up into bigger groups.The speaker also made a announcement that whoever won got to watch linkin park fir free( like how does that even work!?😂).We fought against alot of ppl with our powers.I was alright at it I guess, Its coz I used to imagine what id be like if I had elemental powers irl.We crouched behind the cars(it was like our trench) and we saw another girl who had the yellow tag,she was glowing and had a metal wire around her body.Then I remembered something so crucial. Since I had earth powers,I had the ability to heal aswell.So I created like a chestplate which would automatically heal wounds.So while the others were fighting behind the cars,I at the same time had to get hold of them one by one and just touch below their neck to put the healing chestplate on.I only did it for my original team though. We hid behind the cars again only to realise we were the only ones left.I remember befriending a boy wearing a blue tag and another with a red one And a girl with a yellow tag.It was our original group members! The blue boy felt reluctant which thinking back at it, We were pretty close tag team so I wouldnt blame him.The red one started the battle with a fire arrow . I hid out in a neighbouring car.I know it sounds like I hid out alot but trust me I was the first to venture out of it too.Anyway we fought until the red guy killed the blue guy💔. I then got really worried that I was soon to die.I fired back with a few power balls and what not.But The yellow girl ended up killing the red guy.I had to dodge alot.Then it just became us too.I didnt really like the girl.To describe her she had pink hair and reminded me of sakura from naruto, only in looks tho.(I dont mind sakura in the anime).She was hungry to win this battle and I could sense that.I started to dread my dead as everything I tried wasnt working on her.Suddenly I remembered a a unique ability of mine. I shot a glowing green arrow at the girl and made a run for it. I turned into a leaf and glided quickly into the air current.The girl realised what Id did and started fireing powers at me. Fearing for my life again I was about to stop but I had to remind myself that it would take time for me to reach my destination but it would also naturally dodge her powers and go in the other direction. So I did.It was back at East london mosque. The girl caught up with me and we exchanged blows. I turn my head down the slide and see a boy (from a game actually). He didnt have a tag or anything he was neutral .The current of the powers caused the wind to escalate and it threw me going into the slide.I open my eyes to see that the boy caught me and he ran down the slide. The girl looked so angry😂. It felt as though he knew her and she was jelous, while we were zooming deeper into the slide which was really red and kinda dark now, the boy was doing 'talk no jutsu' to her,basically trying to talk to her a way out of not killing me.Idk why you do that tbh coz one of us has to die regardless.Look whose talking tho..All I could do is bury my head on guys shoulder (Why does it have to br him😭Id much prefer the blue guy coming back into existence,but better than nothing right?)/.Tbh I had enough at this point.I was tired from fighting all day and surviving all that.The girl hesitated and then the building started to collapse on itself.She died because of that. We started to run faster (by we i mean he) and eventually we made it out!! I then made a huge stage out of rock to elevate our status. (by the last fight i was drifting into wakefulness and sleep)Then Finally I woke up from that heck of a adventure.😐Thinking wth just happend.