Lesbian sex with older/ alien version of self

Date: 7/25/2017

By TastesLikeWallpaper

I was in my room and older me was there. I still am debating if the person was an older me or a different person. They didn't talk much. She was wearing a short sparkly red dress with red lipstick. She went onto her back and I ate her out. She was actually dripping wet, which I found strange so I looked closer at her vagina. Around the hole were six tiny holes. I examined one and a flap of skin closed over it and reopened. I paused and asked her, "...Are you an alien?" She didn't answer me, so I was like 'whatever' and continued to eat her out. When she came, the fluid was opaque white, like Elmer's glue, but more runny. I didn't put my tongue near it. After that I fingered her and rubbed her clit, which I found difficult because I was doing two motions with my hands (thrusting my fingers and cirular with my hands on her clit). I curled my fingers into her g-spot and her walls hardened around my fingers as she came. She got mad one time because I stopped right before she came again. Making her come made me wet, so I rubbed myself against her leg. I didn't get off though. She was done after a while, and I eased a finger in her butt. She let it happen, but I woke up shortly after.