2 dreams from last night

Date: 9/11/2019

By Fetch

I had more dreams last night but these are the 2 that I remember. First dream that I remember I was having sex with a really hot girl mish position. As we’re doing it she said something along the lines of “don’t you have to go out side?” And a bunch of other things. I had no idea what else she said but my inner voice took over and replied, so we kept on going. Then we did cowgirl position and I remember making out with her somewhere along the line. I intentionally told myself to remember this dream after I woke up from it, so I can record it in the morning as opposed to record the dream right then and there. The other dream that I remember was the one I had right before I woke up just now. I was coming out of a building of some sort into a parking lot. People were coming and leaving and I was trying to find my car. (Ugh I gotta go irl soon so I’ll shorten it.) I made the car horn using my key but the sound was getting further and further away. I ran after it and latched myself onto the front left door. All the windows were rolled down. Sitting in the drivers seat was a black guy with a gun. He loaded the gun and shot it into the sky as I was right next to him. Then the next scene was I think made up by my imagination. I was imagining what would happen next if I didn’t let go. And in the imaginary scene, he shot the gun at me. So I let go of the car to prevent that from happening, if that makes sense. I found this last weird because normal people would probably consider this a “stressful” dream and it’s honestly been awhile since I’ve had a dream that’s “stressful”. Especially after I had my first dream that I wrote down lol. But in my last dream, I wasn’t really feeling any stress though. In my mind when my car was being driven away, I was just like “oh there it goes.”