Plane Talk

Date: 4/26/2019

By Imetaphor

I'm at a party and it's loud, so I have to talk loud. I'm around people I want to impress and make a good impression on, like fellow grad students. As ask one guy a question, I make my voice end in a falsetto to be heard better, and be a funny and cool, because I think it alludes to a Key and Peele sketch. Suddenly, the music and all conversations have stopped. Everyone heard my high squeaky voice and starts laughing. I go to get food and people have moved on but are still laughing at me. I think, "I mean, it was funny, but come on." I feel a little embarrassed. I'm on a plane looking for a good seat that's not messed up, then waiting for everyone to get off after we land, except were outside on the steps to the plane chatting with the pilot, and I need to go back inside to get my bag.