becoming a high school crip

Date: 2/19/2017

By pirate15

so the first thing u need to know is a lot a people are pretend crips and bloods at my school, shit even I am a pretend crip. then there or some that are real bloods and crips. so in my dream I'm talking to my friend Sam, his a real crip and he was talk about how one my other friends wants to be a crip. we just talking about that for sometime and then I started thinking maybe I should become a real crip. a few days past and I decide I want to be a crip. the way you had a to join is to shoot someone. I was a little scared and I also didn't know who to shoot. then I remembered when my friends were gonna go bowling these guys ran after us with guns. they went to our school. so that's who I decided I'm going to shoot. after school Sam gives me a Draco and Sam and me look for them. we find them I and start shoot and at them, I hit on in his arm and another in his leg, the rest ran off. so me and Sam ran after them, then they started shoot back. this is were it got real crazy cause all the crips at our came out of no where and started shooting with us and we got all of them. then the bloods from our school came and we had a shot with them. Sam got hit in the leg and I got hit in the stomach, but we killed all of them. then I woke and check my stomach to see if I really got shot😂.