The ring

Date: 2/7/2019

By Zerro

So, me and my sister and Mom where walking in to a thrift store. I started to look around I noticed the necklace that has a strange ring on it. The poster that the necklace was taped to said: LEFT ON LADY'S FRONT DOOR, NO ONE KNOWS HOW IT GOT THERE. I went over to it and in small print it said NOT TO TAKE. But I took it any way and then a bright light and then I was in the same thrift store but it seems ran down and my mom and sister was no where to be found... Looking around it looked like the place had been abandoned..the something pushed me violently to the store floor and then I woke up (my hands had skit mark like you would when you fall and the hurt but I never move or fell off my bed since I sleep on the floor.)