Backwoods captive

Date: 6/28/2017

By KDCPhelan

I'm pretty sure I've had this dream before. It feels..... familiar. It starts out with me being assigned to fill up propane or check meters for a propane company. They give me a list of coordinates and I type them into my phone, and follow the gps. I do this for a number of days, and then on my Friday things change. I come to an abandon building, I'm not sure if it's a school yard or farm or factory. All I know is that the coordinates lead me way out past civilization. As I follow the road, I'm driving farther out into the woods. Just when I'm starting to think that maybe my gps device is broken, I see a building with a gas sign. I am relieved. I see the gas sign has the same town that is listed on my gps device. Thinking that I am where I'm supposed to be, I continue to drive. I think to myself that this is way way out in the boonies. Finally my turn comes up, and I follow this dusty windy road, and it's really hard to even call it that. It's more like a trail. I come to a gate. I jump out of my truck, and I can't seem to unlock the damn thing. So I climb over it, to see if I can find someone to unlock it for me. While all of this is happening, I'm thinking I'm going to kill my coworkers. I understand that as a new person, I get the shitty jobs but this is ridiculous. I'm wandering around this property looking for anyone. I'm starting to get a funny feeling between my shoulder blades. I feel like someone is watching me. As this was my first coordinate set for the day, and its bright outside, I talk myself out of the creepy feeling. As I'm turning in a circle, I finally spot the meter I'm supposed to be reading. I give a huff of relief. Now I can get out of the creepy place. As I walk over to the meter, a voice calls out. Startled I look around. Then up on the roof of one of the buildings I see a heavyset dark haired guy of interminable age. I feel like he is my age. He jumps down on some stairs/catwalks and makes his way to me. Im frozen in place because I'm not sure if I should be afraid or pissed. The dark hairs guy makes a snarky comment. Then another man appears. He is tall, blonde and has mussed hair. He's dressed in dark pants and white shirt. The material of the shirt is so fine, it's almost see through. He looks me up and down, in a slow manner. Almost to the point where it's border line insulting. The he turns on the charm and I'm instantly captivated. He starts asking questions about my personal life and things and we talk for hours. I'm not aware that time is passing. Then next thing I know he's asking me to have lunch with him. I agree, as it been several hours since breakfast. He pulls a blanket and basket out from somewhere and he leads me to a clearing behind the property. We sit on the blanket and eat and talk some more. The sun is high in the sky at this point, and the clearing starts to heat up. I can start to feel sweat tricking down my neck. I can see his face as his eyes follow the droplet past my hair and down the back of my shirt. He reaches his hand out and tugs on my braid. He whispers that I have beautiful hair as blond as his. The he leans forward and takes his shirt off. Man is he ripped. I can feel drool gathering in my mouth. He laughs huskily, and reaches out for my hand. He pulls on it lightly, indicating he wants me to get up. He comments on how hot it is and he knows a great place to cool off. I'm dazed, in a trance like state. Somewhere in the back of my mind I register he has an odd glint in is eye and a knowing look. I know that there is something wrong, but I can't seem to stop myself. The out of nowhere, some clarity hits me. I pause, and he looks back at me startled. I murmur that maybe this isn't a good idea. He turns around and steps close to me. Our bodies are nearly touching and I can feel this wonderful warmth emanating from his body. He leans in closer to me and I can see how blue his eyes are. His gaze pierces mine and he briefly touches is lips to mine. I freeze. My breath locks in my body and I'm paralyzed. I feel so much from that bare touch, like I was touched by a live wire. I feel heat pool between my legs and I start trembling. I have never felt anything like this before. I'm hot and cold and so very sensitive to everything around me. All noise stop, the birds and bugs and even the wind stands still for what seems an eternity. He leans back and looks in my eyes. "Breath" he says into my ear, and the sucks on my ear lobe. My cheats explodes and the next thing I know, my back is against a tree and his body is plastered to mine. He's kissing me like he's starved, and I'm kissing him right back. He shifts and wedges a knee between my legs and presses into me. His erection hits the right spot and I moan. The noise bring me back and I pull away. I can feel his body and he gasps for air. I tremble again, and he drops his forehead against mine. We stand that way while we each gather our wits about us. Neither of us says a word as we separate our bodies. He grabs my hand and turns, leading us farthing in to the woods. I stumble along after him. After a short hike, in which I'm thoroughly lost, we come to a river. I can hear other people laughing and playing in the water. I'm a little relieved as I didn't think I could handle any more of him. I was going to go up in flames. We round a bend and there is the dark haired guy I'd met earlier. He is with a petite black haired woman. They both look up at us and grin. The man I'm with turns back to me and with a mischievous grin, that pulls at me, he takes off his shoes and runs and jumps in the river causing a wave to splash the other couple. That grin loosens me up. I'm in a tank and shorts anyway, so I too take off my shoes and jump in. Though not quite as close as he did. The water feels amazing. I hadn't realized how overheated I was. I come up and he swims over to me. Crowding me, herding me over to the other side of the river. Then we are alone again. However, I was too focused on him to realize. The feeling of heat from his body causes me to shiver. In which causes him to pull me in his arms. I look up at him through my eyelashes. He bends his head and kisses me again. Again it feels as if I've been touched with a live wire. But this time there is no stoping. It's like a drug. He pulls us up on the shore and starts removing my clothing. Soon I'm naked and blush as he looks me over and reverently says that I'm the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. I can see the worship in his eyes. He slides down my body, and without reservation I open my legs, so he can lick me. He laps and inserts his tongue inside my body. He then starts to suck gently. I'm wiggling and moaning and he holds me down. I start to orgasm and he continues to suck. Once I'm done he looks up at me and says that he's never tasted anything so delicious. He moves back on top of me and opens his fly. His cock is hard and straining. He looks at me with a question in his eyes and I nod but don't say a word. He grits his teeth and slowly, slowly enters me. He moans and says that I'm so tight. I'm holding my breath, because I want to feel everything and I'm concentrating on him. Then he's all the way inside me. We look at each other as he starts to move, and rock against me. Soon he's moving faster and faster. Then he's pounding into me and I have never felt so good. I come first and I can feel my inner muscles grab him and don't let go. He comes then, and with a cry pours his cum into my body. He collapses on me and hold me tight. His face is in my neck and I can hear him murmuring about how extraordinary that was. Soon the sounds of the other people come back, and I hear horses. I look around embarrassed at myself, but then relax as I can see that no one can see us. We get dressed and he leads me over to the horses. He tugs on my hand to follow him. He mounts the horse and pulls me up behind him. I press against his back and reach around him to hold on. I can feel that he has another erection. I make a noise and he looks back at me. "You do this to me" he says. I blush at his knowing look. We ride the horses back to his village. It's almost like another time. There are cars, but they are really old. I can see small gardens where families grow their own food. In a sense of panic I check for my cell phone. I see that there is no service. But for some reason this does not bother me. But in the back of my head I know something is very wrong. But I can't seem to care. We get off the horse and he takes me to meet his mother. She takes him aside while I look around the house, and I can clearly see that he owns and lives here alone. I hear his mother mummer something about being the one. He tells her we have already mated. That sends a warning flag up in my mind. But I cannot seem to care. I'm in a haze as if I'm looking at myself outside my body. His mother then leaves. He comes to me and crowed me, pushing me down to the couch. I can see from his pants that he still has an erection and I know that he wants to have sex with me again. I feel drugged and a little loopy. But I still pull him down on me and we take off each others clothes. He makes love to me slowly but passionately. I orgasm a number of times, as he whispers into my ear what he wants to do to me and I feel him ejaculate into me again and again. We do this all night long, until I pass out from being so tired. I wake up the next morning to find him cumming inside me again, and I orgasm right away. He gets up and makes me breakfast. I find that I am starving and I realize that I have not eaten since lunch the day before. As we are eating he touches me and whispers words that I cannot make out, but I feel lazy and I want to curl up with him like a kitten. After we are done eating, he takes me outside to meet other people and some of the men look me over and I can tell they heard us having sex. I blush, but then the feeling seems to pass. Halfway through the day, his mother again stops by and has a word with her son. I hear the word marriage. Then suddenly my head explodes with pain and panic and I can't breath. I look at him and I feel sick to my stomach. I back away. And he sends me a confused look. Agonized I whisper "what have I done?" Then I turn around and ran away from him. He chases after me calling my name. My body and mind are torn. I can feel that my body wants to respond to him and I start to slow down. But my mind says don't stop. Something is very very wrong. I race through the clearing, where we had had our picnic the day before. But now the clearing appears threatening and I almost want to run back to him. Then I hear him through the trees, and I know. I know that if I go back to him now, I will never leave. No one will know what happened to me. I'll just disappear off the face of the earth and it'll be like I never existed. The only way I can stop myself is by realizing I have a secret from him. Something that he does not know about me, something that is preventing him from taking over me completely. I make it back to the buildings I first encountered when I climbed over the gate. He's shouting at me to stop. He's begging and fighting his hardest to get to me again. He wants to touch me and I can see the confusion and rage in his eyes. "Why...what" he is asking me. He takes a step towards me. I put up my hand to stop him and I take a step back. I know I have to tell him, it is inevitable. "I'm already married" I say. He freezes in his tracks. I can see some emotion in his face, but I'm not able to tell what it is, and it scares me deeply. I continue to back away from him, and as I get closer to the gate, my head starts to clear. There's still some fuzzy around the edges of my brain, but I start feeling like myself. Then he gets a look on his face, as if his dog has died and he is defeated. He turns around and walks away from me. He disappears. My head is now fully clear and I'm able to think rationally again. I climb the gate again and go back to my truck. I see that it's still Friday and only three hours have passed. I'm confused because I could have sworn that I spent 2 days there. I got into my truck and started to drive back to the city. As I was driving on the winding road a cop pulled me over. He told me to be careful as women have gone missing in this area for years, never to be seen again. I told him that I will be on the look out and drive safely. That night I dreamed and in my dream everything came back to me. I woke up and knew I had to make a decision. First I had to know if it was real. So I got in my truck and drove through the night. I came to the gate, I climbed over and I walked. I walked and walked and walked. I came to the meadow and it was empty. No sounds. I walked some more. After hours of hiking, I came to where the village was. But is was decrepit. No one had been there for years. Then I saw him. There was some thing glimmering between us. What do I do? I could be happy or I could be... Then it ends, and I wake up.