1st Encounter w/ Her

Date: 2/8/2019

By DonnieDarko

Allie was showing me around her very beautiful house that sat in this valley surrounded by small mountains. After going through the house we went upstairs to her room where she had her xbox and dark souls. Which was funny that I specifically remember and noticed those things. But her window had a perfect view of the setting sun. She started changing clothes when her friends came in and asked if she was ready. She said they were going out, and when I asked where, we walked out into the living room upstairs and she pointed to an abandoned church about 100 yards out. Right as she did, at first what I thought were 50-60 people began walking toward the building. As they got closer I realized they were basically zombies except of average human intelligence, not just randomly walking around and moaning. They put on some Halloween costumes and left, meanwhile there were about 15 old people playing bingo in one of the rooms upstairs and asked me to play music. So I played something that probably doesn’t actively exist irl and then Dougs stupid barking ass woke me up.