California ?

Date: 8/23/2017

By blissfulllife

It starts off on a beach (my typical dream beach) where it's like half beach half a set of a movie or inside or something. There's a slight boardwalk and I was with some girls/a girl, who felt like Tina and the other felt like Carmen. They kind of morphed into one, but their energy was still there. Also, Jacobs baby momma, Angie, was there for a split second too. That's when I notice a whole pile of colorful hangers, like clothes hangers, in nice colors. But me being picky, I was particularly interested in the aqua ones and the pink ones for my new apartment. There were bunches of hangers, each with randomized amounts of certain colors. There was one bunch I saw that I liked but a girl (Carmen) already grabbed it. I told her I wanted that one and she let me have it. Satisfied, I remover smiling and looking at the rest, when I turn and see that she grabbed a different bunch that had twice as many aqua colors than the one I had, and I regretted how hasty I was to take the one she had already given me. The wall then turned into a will of cute exercise equipment, like yoga stuff and weights and everything. I was hesitant to grab anything, even though it was a free for all, because the "staff" was standing there waiting to take everything away and I didn't want to seem greedy. That's when I noticed a section of beautiful, shiny, pink bike helmets that I couldn't resist. I grabbed one and felt complete, as I walked off the sand and my dream faded into a new dream. One where day quickly transformed into night and as I walked off the sand it became the pavement of the court within an apartment building. It was a summer night and I felt young and free, wearing high waisted shorts and ready to go out and have some fun. It was like I was waiting for my crew. We were dancing and rapping and I was dancing so well, so effortlessly. That's when I started to do these tricks (I love these types of dreams). It's like I have no boundaries or limitations, I just let my body do what it wants and I ignore the logistics or reality of it and just let my body go. That's when I began to levitate. I concentrated on my levitation just enough to where I didn't spoil it. These two Asian girls, who were introduced to me by one of "the guys" (I guess this was my "crew"). I smiled at them and continued to levitate, and when I was about to let go, I instead decided to fly higher...