Rock band and chocolate bars

Date: 5/2/2017

By Purple

My dream had two parts, but I don't recall in which order. I was with strangers who felt like comfortable friends. We were working on something and took a break to go to the store. The only store around was a candy store/bodega. I was looking for a specific chocolate bar, and got really excited when I saw the long yellow packaging, because I haven't had that chocolate bar in ages. The store worker or my companion reached into the freezer to get the bar for me. When I turned it over, I was disappointed it was a $100,000 bar (an actual chocolate bar by that name, not the cost of the chocolate bar)—and not the chocolate I was hoping for. Scene changed. We were in some warehouse or basement. It was a large, cold space with a lot of concrete around. There were some large drawers, and the bottom one contained extra large posters from the Canadian rock band, RUSH. My companions were with me along with one or two men who worked at the warehouse. I couldn't believe my luck! I could take those posters with me, if I wanted them. There were about 4-6 different album cover posters, and they were life-size, about 6 feet high and 4 feet wide, full color. I debated back and forth about if I needed them or wanted them. I'm moving and trying to declutter, and not having more stuff to take with me. Ultimately, I decided not to take them.