Another nightmare

Date: 8/15/2017

By bribri0540

I've never ran so fast in my life, but then again it wasn't real. Cloudy eyes, grey skin they are dead but they are alive. I am running in what seems to be an abandoned playground. I can see a metal slide and a swing set. I can smell the dew covered grass but there is a thick fog so what ever grass i am smelling is not visible. All of a sudden the fog clears the sun comes out and i realize I'm surrounded by the dead. I give up, sit down, close my eyes and wait for my death. The lifeless moans approach me and get louder and louder the closer they are. Suddenly they all stop. I open my eyes and there's a burred figure standing in front of me. At the moment i felt no fear but a safety like being held by someone i love. The figure clears and i see a face, someone i had never met but i felt like i have known them for years. I stare at him and then he is ripped apart by the dead and i see blood, i here his screams. Then i wake up in a cold sweat.