Multiple Separate Nightmares in a Row (and a little bit of sleep paralysis)

Date: 1/22/2017

By safeandsound

Okay, so last night was pretty rough for me. First time having nightmares in a while, and they just kept coming. I'll see what I can remember. •For the first dream I was at school and I had a gun. I started to shoot at the security cameras, but I didn't shoot any students or teachers. I remember panicking because I though I would be arrested. Turns out, the police didn't think I was a suspect and even decided to show me videos of them interrogating each of their suspects. In every single video, the suspect's neck would start to elongate to unnatural lengths. They looked like snake-people hybrids. It was chilling. I woke up after this began to happen. •So at around 12 at night I fell back asleep. This dream I remember more vividly. My mother was acting strange. She spent hours in the basement, talking to the stairs. I realized that she had been possessed by the devil. He was trying to kill her, drive her crazy. I somehow knew that when she died he would move on to me. I remember desperately hugging my mother and begging her to stop going to the basement, but she just cried and told me she couldn't. I cried and told her she was the best mother I could have ever asked for. She then went back to the basement and I knew that she had died. The devil then began to torment me. I tried to befriend him so that he would not kill me or my loved ones. He then showed his real form and he was literally my english teacher. I think it's important to note that recently we had exams at school and I'm pretty sure I failed the english exam. It was a very odd dream. I woke up at around 1 am, tossed and turned a bit, then fell back to sleep for a bit. •This is a really short one, but probably the most gruesome. I was hanging out with two people who I don't know in real life. It was a man and a red-haired woman. The woman had scissors in her hand. She told me she wanted to cut her hair, but I told her that her hair was better long. I took the scissors from her. She grabbed a shard of glass. Before I could stop her, she was slicing her own neck and laughing. There was blood everywhere, the man and I were screaming. I woke up, unsure of what time. I went back to sleep. •My sister is a cheerleader. I dreamt that I was watching her team cheer, but then my sister and I had to run away because we were being chases by something. This dream is very foggy to me. I can't remember specific details. I do remember that we had to think fast and complete tasks quickly in order to escape from whatever was chasing us. We ended up escaping, that much I remember. So that's pretty much it. What do you guys think any of this means? I have a history of sleep troubles, but never this much in one night. At one point in the night I also had a minor issue with sleep paralysis (or something like it, but that's for another post) which I was able to quickly break out of. Any ideas about what these dreams mean and/or what caused this scary night are greatly appreciated. Thanks!