Date: 8/4/2017

By helenarose

Caleb and I were at this weird forest place with Ben, his mom,and a bunch of people. It was kind of like a wooden cabin. At one point she was mad at us for something but it was insignificant. It transformed (foggy) and was a big bedroom. Caleb and I were going to bed and playing around and then we started playing with some ball or frisbee. I remember I was in a big grey bathrobe. All the sudden we were out front of my house and still playing. The neighborhood, though mine, greatly reminded me of one in my previous dreams a few weeks ago, with a steep hill and large river. Then Kelly came out so it must have been like 4 am, and offered us this really good Starbucks iced coffee then asked if we wanted her to go get us some ( it was really good)) and we said it's okay. Also she had red lipstick all over her mouth haha. Then I woke up from coughing