The 2 pick pockets

Date: 7/18/2019

By RingoJoy

I was in a school trip but I don't recognize any of these kids. Then I notice 2 teens beside me in their uniform are staring at my bag, the pocket of my bag. I right away told them at "the owner *me* is right there and caught you so you need to stop what you're doing" they continue to open the bag anyway. I took my bag and open the biggest thing I can find that is in a plastic bag so I freaking smack into their face like a hammer slap on the cheek and adults start coming and asking what happened. I told them I was teaching them a lesson they were planning to take my money that was in my bag. I began to hit the boys one last time. And felt satisfying. Then we went to talking about dinner and mention it's the first week of Aug 2019 and my birthday is on the 7th. So I'm like yeahh.