Making Amends and Pool Party

Date: 1/27/2017

By SkyCloud888

I was worried that my ex-boyfriend was still attached to me and still loved me. I was walking in the parking lot one day and noticed my ex-boyfriend walking with a girl, holding hands. I said hi to him, and usually he says hi to me in a squeaky, high voice which is his way of kind of "flirting" with me. But, this time he said hi normally. I was really happy, and asked him if he got a girlfriend. He said yes. I was elated and said bye to him. I was really happy he got a girlfriend, but kind of jealous. But I had my boyfriend, so there was nothing to worry about. My ex was finally over me. But, later at night he sent me a text in his weird, flirty way and something dawned on me that my ex-boyfriend was not over me, and he was acting normal in front of his girlfriend. Later, I heard a weird rendition of "Tag You're It" by Melanie Martinez and I wondered why it sounded so much different. I ran downstairs, and realized she was singing live on TV. Apparently, later we were going to Melanie's house to attend a pool party. We saw how big her pool was, and we found out she was already swimming in it. My ex, his girlfriend, my best friend who's a girl, my boyfriend, and my family attended the party and we all swam in her giant-ass pool. I don't remember what happened after that, but I remember someone taking a picture of all of us and I was thinking "When the hell did we do this?" I must have been drunk.