Creepy Smile and GTA

Date: 2/1/2019

By Victoria6

There’s two parts of my dream: It was in the middle of the night and I was in some sort of forest. There was an abandoned barn I think. I opened the door and I heard a woman’s voice say “Hey there” it scared me but I didn’t move, instead I looked ahead and I saw a demons face in the shadows smiling at me. That face kept repeating over and over again. I woke up in real life. I went back to sleep and had this dream: I was in GTA 5, there were bald men with white tank tops chasing me. I lost my car and my only option of escaping was with a tricycle that was on the road. I hopped on and slowly sped away. There were three bald men now, the one in front of me was reloading his sniper to kill me, but my sniper already had ammo so I shot at him. For some reason I shot perfectly in the middle of his head but it didn’t do anything. I drove past a cop that looked at me and didn’t do anything. 😒