I'll save you (Stranger Things, Silent Hill, The Flash and more)

Date: 1/30/2017

By LucidDreamer23

I don't know some of the details of the beginning since I'm writing this weeks after the dream but I remember everything else... so somehow I end up on a street and there's very few houses very few people and there's no cars it's basically like a ghost town and I'm walking around in the middle of the street when I hear noises and hear footsteps I hear rustling but I don't see anything so my curious self I walk into an ally that was in between like two buildings as I'm walking I start to see flashes they're sort of like visions but not really it's sort of like everything is fine and then boom in one second I'm seeing something else so what I was seeing was a distorted green destroyed version of the world so the buildings were destroyed it was foggy ground is cracked and etc. (if you have seen flash it's like whenever cisco is about to go into a vibe that's what it look like like fast switching of the backgrounds) and I was wondering what that was but for a second I ignored it and I continue to look for what the sound was and I find myself behind a mental health clinic once again the world was fidgeting and switching and then it finally turned to what I thought i was seeing I now see the world around me is green it's foggy sort of like silent Hill type and everything is destroyed and I start to see what I'm hearing I was hearing these big creatures I believe they were like insect type but basically what they were doing was they were grabbing people from the other sort of "regular dimension" if you will and bring them into this destroyed version. It was very "stranger things " like. I was basically in the "upside down " I don't know why I got here I didn't go through any portal I wasn't by a creature but I didn't give it to much thought I was now running away from these creatures. As I'm running away I'm confronted by this huge colossal arachnid type of creature and it was really scary I'm guessing this stemmed from my fear of insects. As I run in the opposite direction I somehow end up in a sewer something happened between this but I don't remember as I am writing this week's from the actual dream now I'm in the sewer and it's like a puzzle I gotta figure out how to get through it and eventually i do and I meet this woman who is standing beside the the ladder to exit and she doesn't seem hostile she doesn't appear scary so I approach her and she talks to me she said I need to find a boy in the other world so I go and I start going to building by building as I find a building that was apparently known for torturing their patients. I know have immense speed and it was useful since this building was huge and would've taken hours to look through each room. I am zooming through each room and I finally reach a room at the end of one of the halls that has two sets of chains coming from the ceiling I would assume that's for holding the arms up of patients and just keeping them there. There are guards there and they come looking for me I zoom in time an they don't find me and then I see like a rift through space that shows what happened in another dimension and I see guards pulling this boy away I zoom through that rift and find the boy as I go to grab him he disappears so do the guards. At this point I'm like what the hell I'm never gonna find this kid and then I see the guards were taken away by creatures and they were killed and the boy right when I was about to get him he was also killed by a creature and I was transported to a dimension where everything seems fine there were cars there were people but every time I close my eyes I see the upside down the real dimension and I realize that the world i was in was from my subconscious making a world that was perfect when in reality it was just a way to cope with the failure of saving that boy This is been a recurring theme of my dreams having a boy that I can't save if any of you have any interpretations please comment below