Tooth falling out, then lucid

Date: 1/23/2019

By loftyboxcar

I was in bed and my teeth started to fall off on the top back. I got out of bed and thought ‘is this a dream?’ I turned on the light and looked in the mirror. I was convinced it wasn’t a dream. They were still there. I got back into bed and turned off the light. They started to fall out again. I got up again and thought ‘this must be a dream. If it is then the lights won’t work’ I tried to turn the light on and it didn’t work. Then I knew I was dreaming. I realized I could do anything so I trusted myself and fell backwards onto the floor. The floor disappeared and I fell back into a white and black light and then starting swimming/floating through what looked like a black hole. It was very fun and felt liberating! Then I actually woke up.