Bad parking, speaking to a cop

Date: 8/6/2019

By Stoney1989

I went out of town to look at a house I was looking at months ago. I think just to look at it because I wanted it so bad. It was flipped places with an apt building. I parked at the end of the road and went into the apt building where I talked to my Aunt Cheri and her granddaughter. Upon leaving, I saw the cops by my car. I had parked out in the middle of the road blocking traffic. I went out to see what was going on. They told me to speak to one of the officers. When I got into the station to talk to them, I got directed to the officer. His office area sounded like an area at work. When I went into his office, he started asking about my eye sight which was fine. He then suggested I get myself admitted because the way I parked was crazy. I argued with him about that and he didn’t have much else to say. Suddenly it was like he had left me on read, which is weird because I was talking to him in person originally. Then I woke up.