Lucid theater dream

Date: 5/5/2017

By bugrattle

I am wandering around a college campus at night. I take my shoes off by the door. Threes this big new pirate musical going on and the poser in front says it's staring johnny deep. He didn't show up so they need somebody to fill in A pretty lady grabs me and tells me it's me.I go on stage and bumble my way throug the act but have to run back for my shoes. After the scene i'm back outside and try to find a script and the next time I'm on stage. I'm lookng around the people and there's a woman with her top off and I'm staring at her tits. I go downstairs and I'm talking to a janitor telling him how weird it is that I'm going this thing and say "o wait this is a dream." I look at the vending machine full of candy and put my fingers up to the glass and slowly push my way through and grab a bag of bite sized twix bars. I eat a couple of them. While walking to the outside. I get into a car and start driving. The dark road becomes non descriptive, i tlook at the stars and take another dream breath the road fades away and I'm back in my body.