When I take a long nap.

Date: 6/7/2017

By brynnlove

First scene; I am at the pool with Kenzie and I look really good. The life guards are really cute and one of them thinks I'm cute. And I think he is cute. I wink at him and continue floating. He really thinks this is cute and starts to blush. I get out of the pool and go through a door that leads to the inside of a nice building. I get really confused and lost. I end up on an elevator with Gracyn and Rod. The elevator lifts us band I think it will drop. I get stuck for a while but eventually I get out. Second scene. Mom and dad are away to napa so we are left apone. Kenzie's mom comes over to take care of us. We are doing eachothers hair. Kaden tries to do my hair. And mom and dad come back to take pictures of Kaden and I.For some reason Katie nutchiteli comes over and prepares dinner. There is Tom Kai soup and spaghetti. A lot of people are there. Including Dylan beck and Cole Johnson. Scene switches and I am doing a science experiment with Leo and Savannah. We don't know what experiment we are going to do. But Leo gets up and Bullshits his way. The experiment has something to do with candy a ramp and a Trojan horse. So from duck dynasty does an experiment with his boat. With pencils and wire. It makes the entrance to his boat release an explosion.