Annoying Meetup Rules, Old Room Sister Antics, Hunting Deer, Resident Evil Nightmare & The Strong Men Acrobatics on the Conan Show

Date: 6/10/2017

By fluffytree

June 9th 2017 So recently (irl) I signed up for this meetup group dealing with unlocking hidden potential of the mind but haven't been to any of the meetups yet. In my first dream I find myself actually rsvping "yes" to one even though I figure I probably won't go anyway. So then later I change my mind and don't wanna attend but instead of simply withdrawing my rsvp the organizer of the event has in fine print that if you wanna cancel you must call him personally to do so. I find this super annoying cos I really don't like talking on the phone and especially to people I don't know. At least not unless I really get along with the person. I end up fading into my next dream before I do any of that crap. In my next dream I find myself in my old room (me and my younger sister switched rooms last summer since she was pregnant at the time with my nephew and my room was bigger) and it seems to be some years ago like back when I was in college. I work a midnight shift so I sleep during the day and my sister would occasionally try to come in and watch TV since we only had 2 TVs at the time. She does this in this dream and I wake up since, well, I can't sleep with the TV on. I'm annoyed but I don't tell her to leave directly, only passively mention how I'm gonna go back to sleep. She doesn't take the hint though and keeps watching. I'm super annoyed by this but end up going on to another dream. In this third dream I find myself in the woods hunting for deer or rabbit. I've never hunted before so I'm not sure what to do. I do have this guy with me showing me how to shoot my rifle and all. He's supposed to be my buddy but I've never seen him before in my life. Still I get the feeling that we're long time friends or perhaps work acquaintances. We wait around for a good while before I spot a deer. It's still for the moment and I have a clear shot but just when I aim it gets spooked and runs our way. The thing nearly tramples us trying to get away and I have some sort of blackout. Maybe I got knocked out? I dunno. All I know is seconds later I come to to find my friend gone and the deer dead at my feet. It's throat is slit and blood is pooling around it. I'm afraid of touching it cos it's a wild animal and there's no telling what diseases it might have or if it has all sorts of ticks, fleas, or whatever parasites on it. I start thinking, God am I really trying to eat this? Not sure I'm up for this hunting thing anymore. I then transition into another dream. In my penultimate dream I found myself in the ruins of some apocalypse-struck city. Me and some girl I think was Cheryce (a friend from my high school days) are in this dilapidated building trying to get away from a monster that I'm pretty sure is Nemesis from Resident Evil 3. I only remember bits and pieces but he wouldn't stop coming after us and there was no way to fight him. We just had to keep running until eventually I ran into a different dream. In my final dream I'm watching an episode of 'Conan' seemingly live on set cos I don't remember sitting in front of a TV. There's these 2 muscular strong men circus-type guys on the show doing all sorts of cool acrobatics and stuff while telling jokes. It's certainly an interesting comedy routine and entertaining. The scene keeps changing between seeing them perform during the actual show and also during rehearsal as if someone is flipping between channels. I don't find this all that strange though. Then I find that I am one of the strong men and it's amazing how I have the skill to do all these back flips and such. I feel heavier but also more agile. While flipping I feel my hand smash something crunchy and wet as I connect with the floor. I look down to see that I've squished a spider. Yuck. This is during the live show too and of course not apart of the routine so I have to just keep going anyway. Conan makes some joke about it and even has the camera guys do a slow-mo replay of it in memoriam of "that poor spider," lol. I wake up during this feeling like the spider guts are still on my hand. Blegh.