Digital art, A college crowd gathers around a carnival hammer and bell game, while the dreamer navigates a peculiar bathroom setup, cooks mushrooms that transform into broccoli stems, and debates between joining friends at a table or witnessing a participant trying to ring the bell.

College crowd and carnival hammer & bell

Date: 8/12/2023

By Purple

My dream started with me having to use the bathroom. One side was fully occupied and the other side had one one stall occupied and the other available. I slipped in a few seconds before the next person, who went in the same time as me. I was relieved I didn’t have to wait any longer. The toilet was odd. It was surrounded by flowing water around the circular perimeter of the bowl. I had to get my feet wet in order to relieve myself. I guess I didn’t care, as I had to go. When I left the bathroom, I met up with my friends. Some of them were already settled at a table. The rest of them were still coming in to join the crowd already seated. The scene appeared to be a lunchroom. The crowd of friends were the 12-15 people I knew from the college cafeteria crowd. It was nice to see some of them, as I haven’t seen most them in over 30 years. Ciaran was there, too. I was going to join them shortly. But first I had to cook my food. I had four large mushrooms. Yuck, as I’m not a fan of mushrooms. I washed them before putting them in a pot with hot water. The pot seemed to have a dome cover that was half open. I put the four mushrooms in and within a few minutes, two of them turned into nice, bright green broccoli 🥦 stems. Somehow, I still identified them as mushrooms. My friend Jerry told me to avoid the stems, as they are hard to chew and digest. As I was removing the veggies, I discarded the 3-4 large stems, which were grey in color. To my left, I noticed an area that had a host along with a circus hammer and bell. The hammer is heavy, but whoever hit the lower part hard enough for the metal part to ring the bell, will win a prize. The hostess was a husky woman who showed the participants the secret. If you can hit the bell behind you and above your head, it’ll give enough force for the hammer to hit the lower part that’ll move the metal piece high enough to ring the bell. The participant was a skinny teen boy who couldn’t lift the heavy hammer over his head. I showed Victor who wanted to give it a try. For some reason, I was holding a broken hammer. It was made of wood and the head of it was missing, though it was nearby. Victor was going to try, but the hostess politely asked Victor to wait his turn. I was torn between seeing a participant actually hitting the bell and wanting to go to the table and catch up with my college buddies who I haven’t seen in decades. Dream ends.

AI generated interpretation In this dream, there are several different elements that can be analyzed and interpreted. The first part of the dream, where you are using the bathroom, suggests a need for release or relief in some area of your life. The fact that one side of the bathroom is fully occupied and the other side has only one stall occupied may indicate a sense of urgency or competition in achieving this release. The oddness of the toilet, with water flowing around the bowl, could symbolize some discomfort or unorthodox approach to finding this relief. Meeting up with friends in a lunchroom setting represents a desire for connection and social interaction. The fact that these friends are from your college crowd suggests a nostalgia for the past and the desire to reconnect with people from that time in your life. The presence of Ciaran indicates a specific connection or relationship that holds significance to you. The cooking of mushrooms in the dream may symbolize a need to address or process something that you find unappealing or distasteful in your life. The transformation of the mushrooms into broccoli stems suggests a potential for growth or positive change in this area. However, the caution from your friend Jerry about avoiding the stems that are difficult to chew and digest may hint at potential challenges or difficulties that may arise as you address these issues. The presence of the carnival hammer and bell, along with the hostess, indicates an element of competition or challenge. The heavy hammer reflects a sense of effort or struggle in achieving a desired outcome. The skinny teen boy who couldn't lift the hammer represents a lack of ability or resources to overcome this challenge. When you were holding the broken hammer, it may suggest a feeling of being ill-equipped or unprepared to face a challenge or take action. Your torn feelings between watching a participant hit the bell and wanting to catch up with your college buddies may reflect a conflict between personal growth and social connections. It could symbolize a struggle between focusing on your individual goals and desires versus the desire for social validation or reconnecting with others. This conflict may highlight the need to find a balance between your personal aspirations and your relationships with others. Overall, this dream seems to reflect a desire for release and relief, a longing for social connections and nostalgia, and a struggle between personal growth and social validation. It suggests a need to address and process certain aspects of your life that may be challenging or uncomfortable, while also finding a balance between personal goals and relationships.