Mall love/ work

Date: 7/28/2017

By LegacyJM

I dreamed that we were in the fashion show mall and I remember that Brian was there and sayda too. Brian got really serious and he then got a poster, and started to write stuff down and decorate it. Then, when he was done, he went over to sayda and started crying while holding the poster up. I just remember him saying stuff like I know that I like you and something else, and I think he was asking her out, either that or to prom or something. I remember that me and some other guy I forgot who we were likes crowd around them and we were like awww, even though I was jealous. Sayda rejected him, and quickly said "I like chess", smiled, and walked away fast. I don't remember how Brian reacted, but I remember myself being really happy. I then remember Toni being in some parts of my dream. I dreamed that I had to go to the fashion show mall (where I worked) to buy clothes but I kept hesitating because I almost had to go in to work, but kept remembering that I still had time. Then Luisito was with me and my mom too and I remember he was driving us somewhere like when you go to the liquor store next to his house. I then remember we were in groups from work and Toni had her group but they would run all over the place and Toni would be chasing them with her arms out, and I remember I followed them to see where they would go but then I lost them and my group too. Suddenly, I couldn't find anyone in the mall.