Girl in the pool

Date: 2/22/2017

By Its_Thiago

Before the one of Karen, just remembered it. We were in my uncle's, Fernando Morales, pool. There was this gorgeous girl with her gorgeous friend. I think I've been talking to them cause we kind of know each other. At some time, one of them shows us that she can do a frontflip to the pool, and then says she can do it on the ground too. So I say damn lets see that. And she lands on her back in the hard pool sides. Then we all ask her if she was alright, and I tell her that she could've hurt herself pretty bad. She should've been sure she could do it, or at least have practiced on the grass. Then somehow we end up underwater, me her and her friend. She was with her eyes closed trying to do something, so her friend signals me that that's the time. So I don't hesitate even for a second and go for the kiss. We make out underwater sometime (it was pretty weird). Last thing I remember is we are out of the water with our towels. We are many more people now, a good part of my family. And I put a hat on. But when I go to talk to the girl again, she explicitly tells me that I seemed much cuter in the pool, and that she didn't find me as good looking now. So I go.