Date: 3/6/2017

By ellakiins

i had tattoos that i don't ever recall having or even conjure the idea of getting and apparently i've had them for years since they all faded and needed touch ups. i was in a cute, small bedroom that apparently was mine but some girl was coming in and out like it was hers. while I was in the room I was talking to some guy who I believe was my coworker at this little dress shop that we both worked at close by. not sure what his purpose was or his representation but he kept flirting with me and apparently I was oblivious to it, didn't really take anything personal but he had a thing for me. but then we stopped talking and i suddenly missed one of my previous lovers and i texted him and he was there in less than a heartbeat. so we proceeded to have sex in the bathroom of whoevers house i was in.