2 Different Stories kinda

Date: 8/26/2017

By heyitsfrannie

I started the dream partying with Jakeb and about two or three other people. The party was over sand it was time to go. I told Jakeb I would walk home instead of him drive. I was tipsy, in the dream, I think. The other two people in the car were drunk. I started walking home, I believe there was some guy I knew with me. Next thing I'm home, I live at an apartment, and I walk past my really cute neighbor. He's tall, kinda muscular and has a really nice smile and personality. We wave and say hello before I go into my apartment. I'm in my apartment about 30 minutes and my phone rings. I grab it and it's the worst news ever, "Francesca, Jakeb was in a car accident". What! What?! Is he okay what's wrong?!! What happened? "I don't know just get to the hospital as fast as possible". Just as I'm about to walk out Kaylin, Keyaira and Jamison walk through the door. They see tears streaming down my face and start asking questions. I answer and we all in a frenzy rush to the hospital. We get there and are directed to the waiting room. I nervously shake my leg and ever now and again get up to pace. The doctor comes and ask for us and tells us that he's gonna be okay he broke a few ribs, his arm and has some bruising. We all sighed in relief, who knows how long I was holding my breathe. We went to go see him and as soon as we got to the I ran and hugged him. I started to cry again, he said stop crying because everything was okay. We all stayed for a while until Jakeb started to look tired. We said our see you laters and love yous and went home. Part 2 ------------ I don't remember the car ride home, but I remember returning to my apartment. All of us, now including Vidal and DeAndre, exited the elevator. As we got out I saw my neighbor (I remember his name so let's say Jason), Jason. It looks like he was coming back from the store. I said hello to him and introduced him to everyone. Next thing I know Keyaira says, " Oh so this is the neighbor that you thought was cute". I bugged my eyes out and turned red a a cherry, even with my brown skin tone. I hit her on the arm as punishment for ratting me out. Jason just looked at me, smiled and asked if we wanted to come in to eat. We all said sure, I said with with a nervous twig in it. We all walk in Jason started to fry homemade boneless wings and fries. After about 30 minutes he came in and played out on his couch with his hand laying on his chest. We all stated talking and him and I had a little side conversation. They conversation ended with him and I saying we liked each other. We agreed to go on date and keep talking.......then I woke up.