The Perils of the Journey

Date: 1/26/2019

By Fitful

I was in a bus as we were driving cross country, moving somewhere. I had all my pets with me, and I had seperated their food for each day into containers in a "diaper bag" situation. We were parked and the rest of the family were inside, in the restaurant so I took advantage of the empty place to feed my pets. I fed my dog curled up on the seat to my right. I was sitting in the second row behind the two captain seats in front. I then found my bird was terribly hungry. I fed it food first then water. It drank heavily, not having had water til now, and I wondered why I hadn't set up a water bottle. I felt it fruit as well. Then I moved on to the bunny in the front seat. I was concerned because it didn't have a carrier just was free roam the bus and the only cage belonged to someone, a sibling? This someone kept in the cage themself, it was cramped sideways in the front, where the passenger dashboard would be. It was a wire cage and it wasn't good for bunny's feet. I then fed this black and white marmet creature. I'm not sure what it was. It wasn't a skunk, being the wrong shape but it wasn't exactly a ferret either. It was the wrong coloring and it's head was silghty the wrong shape, being oval and large. But it was in the weseal family and it's body was like a slinky. I fed it catfood I had bought for the trip and it wolfed it down. My mother's cat meowed and came around. I picked it up excited to see a cat, since I handt seen one in a while, but I recognized it as my mother's. She always had a female grey tabby cat. And they always hated me. I put it on top the refrigerator in disgust to get it out of the way and let the other animals eat. They all, save for the dog who slept, ate as if they hadn't had food in a long day. ~ I was going to a wedding, having a wedding. It was black and white themed. I kept burying people in the ground who were going to the wedding, or weren't allowed to go or something. ~ I was burying people in the ground for being gay, to keep them away from some place. Maybe from the wedding above. It was like everyone I found, no matter the race or gender, were a sliver of me. All were gay and I kept them all away from me by sheer force of will. Some were stuck to the sky like it was fly paper. I held them all away with my mind but they kept coming, I kept finding them, there were always more. ~ There was a bottle made of stained glass. It was like a prescription bottle, something old fashioned with a modern child proof twist cap in stark white. The stained glass pattern was of a bat on a field with the sun behind it like yellow halo. It was very church Gothic esqe. ~ There was a baby carriage. It also had a design on it, an old woman in a dark hooded cowl clutching a tiny baby, bent over it protectively. The scene seemed reminiscent of a fairy tale villian but the old woman was clearly saving the child.