{3 Dreams} House Party [Lucid] (Thurs Aug,24 2017)

Date: 8/24/2017

By Sorrnin

1:18+ I am in my room/house having a party and I have a boyfriend and I take him into the bathroom and have sex with him. Then I realize I am dreaming and I am walking around my house trying to find another guy to have sex with but nothing. I go outside and see my brother who seems to be dreaming too and I tell him I am dreaming. I curse and tell him you know I am dreaming when I curse. 2: 18+ I am in this building were guys would come to have sex with girls. Girls could sign up to be one of those girls and I did. Then I woke up before I could have sex with any guy. 3: 18+ I am a bee and I have the sweetest honey and I ask the other bee to milk me and when he reaches up my privates to milk me I gasp.