Party crasher

Date: 5/24/2017

By guido38

I was with some friends i don't know . We had just arrived somewhere . Not sure but we weren't going to be there long because I remember telling them something like I was reminding them and pointing at a clock on the wall . Me one of my homeboys dressed similar and to be nice I was saying he wore it better . It was just like starch jeans , Ralph Lauren polo , and a rosary . Then we left and got to where we were going in no time at all . There was a long table it looked like it might of been a banquet . It was outside near a canopy . I was sitting down and then I looked to the side and off in the distance a little and saw my ex . She was dressed more formal . She smiled at me a little . If you don't know her you wouldn't of noticed it . But yea she was lightly smirking like nice to see you here . I didn't smile at all . I just stared like how could she smile after hurting me ? Aside from this one that has more to it , Ive been having short dreams of her lately . She needs to quit visiting me in my sleep .