Masterbation in the Bathroom

Date: 2/7/2017

By Aunruh

I was visiting my boyfriend, Haisam, at his new job at a popular resturaunt i can no longer remember the name of. When i got there, i was the first to arrive, and then our friends, Sandra, her mom, and Sandras kids, were going to join me later. Im waiting in line for a while in a hallway that leads to another door that will take you then into the dining wing. When i enter the dining wing, it has a feel of retro in its design, and it goes around in a circle, with booths along the wall, and tables on the other side of the wall. it also gradually rises, the walkway is at a slope. i remember first trying to find the bathrooms but being unable to walk up the steep slope. People laughed at me. So i backtracked and found the stairs to the next level, where i found two bathrooms, the male and the female. I chose the males restroom. Inside there was a toliet, gray tiled floors, and two doors. i locked both of them, and sat on the toliet. i was on my period, so when i wiped, there was blood, and it was also on my hands. All of the sudden i get this urge to masterbate. So i licked my fingers, and stuck them in my pussy, trying to get myself stimulated and aroused. I used two fingers, three, alternating between which two i used. It didnt work though, and after awhile there was a knock on the door, a man trying to come in. He almost got the door opened but i slammed it quickly. Then another man tried to come in a little later. It was Haisam, looking for me. i told him to leave me alone, he told me a customer had complained. Then for some reason, the door opened a little bit, and i was given some aluminum. I crumbled it up into a phallic shape and began to use it as a dildo. I came very soon, but when i did, the pulsing of my vagina brought on pulses of blood, that got all over the floor and toliet seat. Someone came in then, a woman, an interrogator. She wanted to know about the blood on the floor. I told her i had no idea.