School play

Date: 4/19/2017

By kake00

I started in a classroom at school. I was sitting down and 2 girls came up to me and said to "hurry before the play starts" so as of now I think it's Alice in wonderland because that is the play that my school is doing. As we head over and sit down they start and are jumping around and just going crazy. When it ends I totally think the play was Alice in wonderland even though when I think back now it wasn't. Anyways after me and a girl in the play go and get ice cream across the street and find my cousin. My cousin is also a vampire apparently and can't go outside so we have to wait till nighttime to go out and when we go out I turn into a werwolf. Then me and my cousin fight until we get to my house. Then all these people are around the house and want to be bitten or scratched. Then I woke up.