The Church of St. Hirt

Date: 6/18/2017

By drunchee

I'm inside the church and Merricks dad dressed in priest clothes has a ton of highschoolers and 8th graders dressed in white server robes behind him, lined up. It's like this huge mass ritual. I for some reason leave the first church room where Merricks Dad is at, when no one is looking, and find a different church room, with some older people in Adoration. I walk around the pews then leave in embarrassment. I eventually head back to Father Hirt's church room and he doesn't see me walk in at first. I see Mason and Merrick look at me like I'm an idiot, and then Fr. Hirt sees me and yells at me for leaving. I get super embarrassed and tell him that I honestly have no clue what we're doing, or what the mass seremony is, and that's why I left. I actually had another church dream, maybe from the same dream. I'm outside and I hear a child screaming and a woman yelling from inside the church. I head into the church, hoping to look heroic and save the child. Instead I walk in on another church ceremony. This time, it's like a first communion, and some little kids are getting awards one at a time. I walk through the aisle as a kids getting an award, and the priest congratulates me as well, as a joke, and some adults laugh with me, not at me, so I'm not too embarrassed. The child screaming ended up just being a disbehaving girl, not an abuse victim. Later on, still at church, I'm in this white hallway, leading to the parish hall. Me, Adalia, maybe Allison, and Mrc and Garrett, are all there, for a service hours sort of thing. We're helping out at a book sale I assume. So we're helping, Its all dandy, I'm talking to Adalia and Allie who both look hot. Then, suddenly I grow tits sort of? I start playing with them and stuff. I don't know when this titty part happened in the dream but it happened... anyhow soon this cafeteria worker gives us a provided lunch which I was actually excited for cuz it looks good, but she scolds us boys for not doing our Spanish work during lunch when we have free time. We tell her, Garrett too, that it's cuz there IS no work, and that Mrs. Baez lately has been just having us watch videos or do tiny projects. Anyhow, after the lunch, Adalia's outfit has troubles. It looks like she has nothing but a sports bra now, which is super hot. Sometimes in the dream I randomly am naked from the waist down, and have to cover up with my shirt. I don't know why. The End.