kingdom of our own

Date: 8/14/2017

By mudpath

So in this dream I was a princess of a long line of kings and queens and we had a modest kingdom. my family was out to visit a smaller town in our kingdom near the wall's edge it was mostly farmers and their families. we were under the impression that they were going to attack it with it being a weaker part of the wall and sure enough it was a small army of maybe 150+ soldiers dressed in dark blue armor and behind the wall ready with bows and arrows, catapults, and cross bows and read armor was our army the Captain of the guard was my brother I'll call him Jake was with us standing on top of the wall we had the four eldest princes and princess. Prince Elric the eldest, Prince Jake the brave, Prince Edward the wide, and finally me princess Alexandra the clever. we all had magic abilities with varying experiences with magic my eldest brother only knew ice magic, make knew fire magic, Edward knew almost all offensive magic, and I learned support magic with some offensive magic. we heard the blue army blow the horn as they charged Jake have a shot gesturing to start firing everything was chaos I casted a magical boost spell on my brothers their spell were noticeably stronger I maintained the spell. for as long as I could before Elric was shot down I ran to him and proceed to heal him best I could before Balthazar my magic tutor got to me and told me to keep fighting. I ran to the edge making a bow and arrow gesture saying the chant that Balthazar taught me and ending it with "arrow of Justice feel my wrath!" and with that most of the remaining enemies deal to their knead and died the remaining ones were killed by Jake and Edward. that's when Jake stood as tall as he could at the highest point of this section of the wall and sang our kingdoms anthem. he sang it with such beauty that I was happy he hasn't sang like that in years. this version of him and the real life one.